Quality Control

Address: Dalishu Village, Fengshan Economic District, Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province, China.
General manager: Su Dezhi
Tel: 0415-8188577
Fax: 0415-8188808
Zip code: 118100
Website: http://www.gptptc.com
Email: sudezhi@xxts588.com

Quality concept

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Dandong Xinxing Carbon regards the product quality as the life of the enterprise. Every year it improves and upgrades the equipment to make information and data from production process automatically collected, integrated analyzed, and they implement whole-process, real-time quality control management online, to ensure the continuous stable quality.

Raw Material Selection:
Adhere to choosing the best raw material from domestic and abroad to ensure the best quality from the beginning. Dandong Xinxing Carbon uses petroleum coke from Fushun and Daqing and high-quality needle coke from Conoco Phillips 66 and Mitsubishi.

Equipment Guarantee:
Continuous equipment improvements and upgrading provide a guarantee of the products’ best quality.
Dandong Xinxing Carbon improves and upgrades the equipment every year, implements automatic monitoring and control of the entire extrusion process, baking temperature and graphitization power transmission. CNC machining lines for electrodes and pins have been in use to minimize the influence of human factors, thus ensures that the process equipment reaches the advanced level of the international carbon industry.

Scientific Control; Precise Detection
Dandong Xinxing Carbon invested heavily in testing equipment:
Partical laser analyser and sulfer&nitrogen analyser from UK;
Ring gauges from Germany and Japan;
Ultrasonic detector from Korea;
Advanced universal tool microscope, thermal expansion meter,universal testing machine, partical strength detector and etc. from China.

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